Very different experience, very enjoyable and thought provoking. You provided a unique and different experience, well done, loved it.
Michelle H.

I loved the balance of trickery with ghost hunting. It was amazing. Thank you for a fantastic night.
Karen B.

A first for me seeing Black and Storm in action. Very impressed, the trickery performed by Ian was really good and somewhat baffling and just left me wowed! The whole set up was like a story unfolding and the interaction with the group was great, everyone got involved. Celestia played her part very well and both herself and Ian provided great entertainment. The cakes were delicious and the event on a whole was wicked. The latter part of the evening was also very active with great table tipping and a first time connection with her father for one of the guests.
Emma S.

Excellent twist on a haunted experience. Sleight of hand, misdirection all culminate in a magic show, that thoroughly entertained. Activity on the haunted second half didn’t disappoint, especially on a personal level as well.
Dave B.

The War Room - Haunted Antiques and Paranormal Research Centre

Wasn’t sure what to expect but the small group meant that it was personal and interacted well with each other, I enjoyed the stories and the magic from Ian first really interesting.
Looking forward to the next one
Kaz E.