magick themes

We theme our performances throughout in order to provide a foundation for the event. We can include or exclude a themed performance and tailor it to your requirements. Or we can go 'all out' and do the lot! We attempt to work within your budget.

We currently have several themes available listed below and we are adding to them as we develop other shows.

tHe hAunTing

A certain little Victorian girl wants to tell her sad story, but she needs you to help her. Will you come and help the poor child let the public into what happened?

Her spirit 'speaks' through games and artefacts to unfold a tale of woe.

gaMbLinG wiTh
thE dEviL

Come and wager a coin or two on the table of the Dark Lord himself. Will you win? Will you hell! But who knows it may be fun trying - maybe the last fun you'll ever have...

Dark entertainment with a gambling theme with no risk to you (unless he takes your soul at the end.)


Come and hear a tale of how poltergeists affect us all in our everyday lives. You don't think so?

Why do your keys move from where you put them, how come you can't find your phone, where do all your ballpoint pens go? You disbeliever!

See poltergeist activity happen as experiments are carried out with your help! Witness first-hand the effect of poltergeist involvement in the affairs of the evening.

You won't believe your eyes!

tHe wiTcheS TalE

Witches have been around for centuries, even now many claim to be witches, but that's just a fad, a ruse to shock.

Hear stories of how witches visited vengenace on difficult 'customers' and be glad that modern witches are not like the ones of old ... are they?

Not enough?

We are constantly working on our show to bring new and exciting items to the set so that we can expand our repertiore and fulfil everyone's expectations of what a good dark magick show ought to contain.

Watch this page for further developments...